As you walk in through your front door have already collected millions of bacteria. When you reach for the door handle or take your key out of your pocket you are immediately spreading and picking up bacteria. This is just a little scare mongering though as so much bacteria causes no harm. But the point here is that to much does start to cause problems. So whats the work around. Keep your house clean at least to reasonable level.

When in the kitchen and washing up, always wash around your taps and the back of your worktops, it is these areas that have washing up dirt landing on them. Warm water and a little damp can exaggerate the problem so make sure you wipe it clean. Also rinse your dish cloth well, many leave it in the sink bowl, this just multiplies germs.

Carpets, well this is where your feet tread constantly. Hoover these areas at least once a week. Carpets are great at hiding mush dirt so you never really know how much is there. If you have small children who spend a lot of time playing on the carpet, not only are they picking up the dirt but they are also  adding there own mess to it. You know what kids are like, mud, food and what ever else they get there sticky hands on. I think it is a good idea to wash your carpets perhaps at least once a year. Carpet washing soon revives you floor and also removes many of the germs and dirt that you had know idea collect there. A could carpet washer like the typical rug doctor is a cheap efficient way to solve this. On washing carpets more advice can be found here: lowescarpetcleanerrental.info

Bathrooms deserve much cleaning attention, not only for obvious toilet reasons but also the humidity caused by bathing and showering. Make good practice to wipe down surfaces and tiles after you shower. This only takes a quick minute but it is this additional attention that helps keep gem numbers down.

Finally I will talk about bedding. I am a sucker for preferring old to fresh bedding and I am not the only one. But I have to remember that the dirt I take to bed in me on my skin or hair stays on my bedding. This multiplies and when you get in bed after showering, it all then goes back on you. So make sure you clean bedding at least once a month.

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    Because there is more to cleaning than just a hoover, did you know an washed carpet can hold millions of bacteria!!


    December 2013